What kind of photography does 5UP do?

The 5UP team's photographers are skilled in providing high-quality, professional portrait and commercial photography for a variety of industries.
Check out our gallery of past photography examples, and contact 5UP today to see how we can serve you with timeless pictures that inspire.

We've run a photography studio for the past seventeen years. Actual photography is the cornerstone of our business. We conduct professional on location portrait photography, corporate events, weddings, commercial location photography. If you'd like to talk to us about any of our services just drop UP a line.

What creative services can we help you with?

Landscape Photography

We love landscape and creative photography. Being able to capture and develop what I see is very important to me. It is a way to express my vision, my way of seeing the world. I hope you will take a look at our collection of landscape and nature photography.

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Creative Photography

With most of our photography, we consider creative but more specifically, the love of oddities, rusted nails, water drops, and items like the little toy fire engine that is embedded in concrete.

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Infrared Photography

Infrared or how we like to call it Invisible Light photography is one of our most favorite forms of photography. The creativeness that it allows is incredible. One reason for this is that no one knows what it is supposed to look like since it isn't something we can see with our eyes.


Marketing Photography

We enjoy working with companies to help develop their brand, providing photography for products, locations, and stock images designed to solidify the company brand.

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Event Photography

If you have an event that needs a team of photographers to cover, give 5UP a call. From small mom & pop Christmas parties to large national events, 5UP has covered them all. Drop UP a line, and let's talk about your event.

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Location Portraits

Need a family portrait? Or just a headshot for social media, we can help with that.  5UP has extensive experience with on-location photography, portraits, and weddings with over 17 years of experience. How can UP help you?

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