Why Choose RVs?

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RVs: Why Choose Them?

After our recent trip to the Hershey RV show, we got to thinking. Why choose RV’s? Who are we? What is TraD’n Dreams? Find out more here.

You may already have a circle of friends and family members raving about how great traveling by RV is and the kind of freedom that it gives you. You may hear wonderful stories about stopping at beautiful spots and seeing amazing wildlife. Face it, it all sounds very attractive and who can blame you for wanting to purchase an RV for yourself. However before you come to any decision, understand why an RV may be a good choice and what is the way of choosing a good quality RV.

If you plan on taking trips with your whole family then a big RV is ideal. You will have bigger kitchens and bedrooms and any extra space can be made good use of. However, not all camping grounds and parks allow big RVs. If it is a big campsite then it may allow you to park your RV else you may have to look elsewhere.

Renting and RV

Instead of an outright purchase, you may want to consider renting an RV and giving it a try. Take a few trips in a rented RV so that you get an idea of what can be expected and what kind of emergencies you may have to deal with.

Even if you are just renting an RV, before you sign on the dotted line, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect running condition. Go through the RV carefully and make a note of any dents or scratches. You may want to check that all the appliances are in working order and that all utilities are functioning properly. If there are some items missing, not working or just in bad shape, it is better that you report that right away. They will be able to get the essentials fixed, and you will not be blamed later on for the missing items.

You may also need to understand from the rental company how they handle other matters like the RV insurance or their cancellation policy. Your insurance policy may not cover you if you are driving an RV and it is best if these things are clarified before you bring the RV home.

Driving an RV

Next, you may want to test drive the RV before taking it home just so you know that all the gear is working fine and more importantly, that you can handle driving it. Once you bring it home, try taking it out for some trial runs before you actually set out on your trip. Also, if you are planning on driving at night, you need to test if you are able to handle that, as night driving has its own challenges. For one, you have to battle sleepiness, and secondly, the oncoming glare can blind you from time to time, and you should be confident enough to drive through that.  

While an RV might present you with some initial investment costs, it does allow you to travel with your whole family in relative luxury and if you think you are comfortable behind the wheel, traveling by an RV may turn out to be ideal for you.

What’s Next?

What is your ideal travel options? Which Rv would you choose? Why would you choose to RV? Have you thought of it? Let us know your thoughts.

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