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TraD’n Dreams is all about how throughout our lives, our dreams change and evolve. I think that is a natural part of life. If you’re not changing, if you don’t have dreams, and things to inspire you – what is the point? Honestly, what is the point of it all?
Hi, We are Tracey & Dan, and we wanted to start this blog to share the next big journey of our lives together. We've been married for nearly 20 years (actually 20 years in October 2019). We can honestly say that after all this time together, we are still best friends, share our dreams and troubles. It hasn't always been easy, mostly for Tracey because Dan is a handful, that anyone who knows him can agree. But through all this time together we’ve learned that if we stick together our dreams come true. And to top it all off, we are still deeply in love and best friends!
Having dreams is essential to living an abundant life it gives us something to look forward to, to build toward, to well dream about. But what happens when a dream or goal you have had comes through? It is simple; really, you come up with a new one, bigger? Smaller? Maybe a series of small goals that build to a bigger one.
That is what this blog is all about, this blog is a combination of my wife and I’s names Tracey and Dan, but put together we are TraD’n Dreams. We, well when I say that I mean I (Dan) had this dream for years to live in Gettysburg, I got Tracey on board, and we wanted to build a house on a beautiful piece of land. Guess what it happened! Now that we have been here for four years and are doing well, it is time for a new dream? Bigger? I think so.
I think throughout my life; I’ve always been looking for more, doing more. And for several years we as a family moved about every two years. I’m starting to think it is because I got bored? Maybe that is it. So that leads us to our next dream.
Before we got married, T & I talked about how great it would be to travel the country in an RV after we retire. There is so much out there in this beautiful country to see.
I’ve never been thrilled about waiting until we retired and were too old to do it.
Last year in September, we stumbled into tickets to go to the Hershey RV show. We hadn’t looked at RV’s pretty much at all, but we thought what the heck. After going up and walking around for the day, the desire to travel was reborn. Then the next question we asked was, how can we do this? Can we do it sooner? All we would need is remote jobs and the kids to get out of school. Our daughter graduated in May of 2019 our son graduates in May of 2021. So that gave us two years to pull this together and come up with a plan. It just so happens that Tracey got an opportunity to work remotely, right! Awesome! That opens us up for the chance to travel full time in an RV before we retire.
So that is what we are going to do with this blog, document our journey to traveling the country. The good the bad and the ugly and who knows what dreams will come… Join us?

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