Impressive Torque T314

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Impressive Torque T314

The Heartland Torque T314 Toy Hauler is a toy hauler that offers an open floor plan with more space and separation without the small compartment feel. The unit itself has an overall length of 37’9”, the height of 12’10”, dry weight of 9,196 (however the one we looked at was only 8,786). The weight has me a bit concerned since we can tow up to 10,000 lbs in our truck. But this floor plan is exactly what we wanted.

Torque T314 Front Side.

What’s a Toy Hauler?

Now a toy hauler has space in the back called the garage. The garage is meant to carry four-wheelers, bikes, etc.  We’ve seen a few with the garage in the front and back as a separate room. The thinking with a separate room we figure is that keeps the dirt and smell out of the living quarters. Then in the back is a door that folds down into a ramp and also can be made into a deck with an enclosure.  The deck adds to the livable space of the unit, we have heard others mention that the ramp can’t always be used in the deck configuration if there isn’t space on the lot you’re parked.

Torque T314 Ramp as a Patio with the enclosure.

Torque Ramp as a Patio with the enclosure.

In toy haulers, they tend to have a bed and couches on tracks that let you fold them up and raise to the ceiling which allows room for the toys to be placed in them. Sometimes the couches serve as the dinette and the living room area. These couches can also be made into a bed as well but for us it is unnecessary.

Torque T314 showing the option of having two queen beds as bunks.

An image from the Heartland Site showing different configurations for the garage area.

Our thinking for us and our situation (learn more about TraD’n Dreams here) is to take out the couches and the bed on the track, use the hardware from them and put desks on them that we can work from. With the desks in the open end of the garage next to what would be our desks. The desks and items on it would probably be lighter than what we are taking out. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to find out until we get it and would that be too late?

The largest item we like about the Torque is that it is an open floor plan, all too often the trailers with a separate room for the garage make it feel small.  We also liked that we can take the couch out of the slide and make that a breakfast nook/seating area for dining. While we like having the couch I think for us the two separate chairs will work just fine and adding the dinning location in the slide would give us another opportunity and good use of space.

Torque T314 Toy Hauler Specs:

  • GVWR 12,800 lbs
  • Dry Weight 9,196 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 1,366 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity3,556 lbs
  • Width8′-6″
  • Height12′-10″
  • Length *37′-9″
  • Garage Length **14′-0″
  • Square Feet 313 Sq Ft
  • Sleeping Capacity 7-8
  • Fresh Tank 98 Gal
  • Gray Tank 57 Gal
  • Black Tank 57 Gal

The bottom line is the Torque T314 has a great layout, lots of space, and good build quality from what we saw for a toy hauler. The openness of the garage and living area would work for us but might not for someone concerned with gas smells. It is on our list, and if you are shopping for a toy hauler, it might be a good fit if you want the space this offers. Good luck and let us know what you think of it if you’ve seen it. Find out more about the Torque here.

Torque T314 Layout

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